Do you have a passion for babywearing? Do you find others are drawn towards you for carrying support? Or have some experience but want to gain more knowledge? Are you thinking about setting up, or helping at, a sling library? Maybe you’re a health professional or birth worker, wanting to add more tools to your toolkit? Or are you an experienced wearer who is interested in delving deeper into this many-faceted parenting experience?

Do you want to build a solid foundation for your babywearing roots? Eager to grow in new directions? Are you open to new ways of thinking, challenging preconceptions and moving outside of your comfort zone? Do you want an information-packed day which is both intensive and fun?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We provide rich and varied training opportunities for individuals, organisations, professionals and businesses, which are tailored to the individual participants needs, and have an organic development. Although specific areas are covered in each one, no course is ever identical, even if they have the same name!

We currently offer two types of 1 day courses, and are always happy to create different courses tailored to the specific needs of professionals, healthcare providers, sling/carrier makers etc. The courses on offer at the moment are:


born to carry


Babywearing Supporter – £120

Mel is a Born to Carry licensed trainer. This course is focused on building/growing a good, solid foundation of babywearing knowledge through both theory and practical sections. We limit our groups to 8 people maximum, to give participants the best quality learning experience.

The course includes pre-training online modules, to be completed before the training day, which enables us to spend more time on practical experience on the day.



Newborn Baby Carrying – £120

On this course we will explore much more than just putting a newborn into a stretchy wrap. Aimed at birth workers, this is designed to encourage an holistic approach when supporting your clients. We limit the group to 8 people max. to maximise the learning experience.


You can book onto a course here or email us to book one in your area.



What others have to say about the courses…..


“I had a fantastic day and learnt so much. The relaxed environment helped me be at ease especially with my baby there. Handouts are informative and Mel is a fountain of knowledge.” ~ Christine

“You clearly know your babywearing stuff so I felt secure what I was learning was the best up-to-date advice…..loved that it was a relaxed atmosphere and babies were so welcomed.” ~ Jennifer

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