Body Language

Our body language is something to take into consideration too. Analysing whether your body language is welcoming is worth having a good think about. You may be feeling stressed about something, rushed off your feet or just not in the mood for making connections that day. It can be hard sometimes but remembering that this is one of the first impressions people may be getting of you can help you to recognise that people generally tend to take how you come across as how you feel about them personally.

Where possible, ensure you have time before they arrive or before you go into theirs to take a moment to clear your mind and get focused on your session with them. Try and leave life and whatever you've got going on at the moment at the door, so you can give the best of yourself at that point in time.

It's useful to be aware of what their body language is telling you too. Some things to consider are:

·         are they acting stressed?

·         do you need to be careful about personal space boundaries?

·         are they communicating they are upset about something?

·         what is their behaviour with the baby like – confident, unsure?


Taking their lead with the non-verbal communication can help you direct the consultation better rather than sticking to a rigid “script” for it.