Hey! I’m guessing you’ve clicked on this page because you’re either an in-arms enthusiast or are curious about what in-arms consulting looks like. Well, read on and hopefully your questions will be answered and your interest piqued further!

In-arms carrying is a pretty much inevitable part of parenthood. Babies are designed to be carried from birth and rely on their caregiver/s to move them from one place to another, hold them, comfort them and so forth. The unfortunate truth about carrying these days is that babies and children tend to be seen as heavy lumps, passive loads in the carrying process, when in fact they are innate clingers if given the opportunity to do so.

My work is heavily focused on bringing about change in this daily practice. If we’re doing it anyway, why not make it as easy as possible for ourselves? By encouraging the baby’s natural clinging capabilities we are also ensuring they complete a basic physical developmental process, therefore encouraging normal development. I have written two books on the subject: In-arms Carrying is aimed at caregivers, giving an introduction to the concept, and Clinging Young goes much deeper, looking at some of the science behind it all. These texts are part of the required reading for this course.

Carrying is both beautifully simple and incredibly complex depending on how we look at it. When it’s working well it is a harmonious experience, but if we don’t have the knowledge of how it works and what to do when things go wrong it can feel like the baby does not have the capacity to cling. This course goes in-depth into the many parts of clinging, the developmental timeline, the unique carrying dyad (babies behave differently on different bodies) and so much more.

Let’s take a closer look at what we will be covering and the time involved…..


Carried’s courses are made up of different approaches to the learning experience. This is useful for varying learning styles, studying some subjects at home, and covering much more information than we could if we just met in person. It also helps with laying a solid foundation before we meet, gives you the chance to consolidate your knowledge in-person, and continue your studies after the training days. The structure of the course can be found in our info pack:




To summarise, there are:

  • 16 pre-training online modules to complete before…
  • live webinar sessions (4 hours each)
  • Then we meet for days (9hrs per day, including breaks)
  • With 6-8 weeks apart for continued work on your case studies – during this time we will have another webinar session (4 hours)
  • Before meeting again for another 2 days (again, 9hrs per day, including breaks)
  • After this you are recognised as an in-arms carrying consultant, and will then complete the last part of the course via working with caregivers, completing post-course assignments and taking a final assessment


This is an intensive course which requires your dedication and time commitment. In-arms is an exciting but complicated subject, requiring a dyad-specific approach based on the nature of the active clinger. You will explore fascinating theoretical information and be required to apply it in practical situations, which oftentimes require us to adapt to certain obstacles such as clothing, bulk and demanding lifestyles.

You will come out the other side of this course with:

  • An excellent knowledge base of in-arms carrying and how to teach caregivers with babies at different ages and stages
  • The ability to transfer principles appropriately between arms and slings
  • Virtual support by way of your private course group and the main Consultants group
  • An online toolkit
  • Lifetime access to all the online modules meaning that as the content is updated you will benefit from new and evolving information


If this sounds like the course for you, please book a free Skype chat (let me know if you need another option due to accessibility needs) here so that we can discuss further.





  • All self-study and in-person content including “In-arms Carrying”, “Clinging Young” and course manual
  • Lifetime access to online modules, including updates of content
  • Instructional videos
  • Online toolkit
  • Mentoring
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