Hey! I’m guessing you’re here because you’re passionate about baby carrying and its benefits, as well as slings and carriers? You love supporting families on the path they’re taking, and you’re thinking about learning more to take that support to the next level? Maybe you’re an experienced consultant but are looking for something fresh and different to get your professional teeth into to transform your consultancy? Well, you’re in the right place!

I felt compelled to create this new course because, although there are some fantastic courses out there, I know I have something different to bring to the table. This course covers the usual areas you would expect, and has some interesting different ones too. Growth is so important, and that comes from direction, discussion and debate, as well as information. Also, I know that most people starting out as a consultant crave support, direction and the occasional nudge (or push!) to get themselves out there, and that the babywearing community needs these amazing people shaping the future with their unique talents!

What I offer enables you to support parents confidently and discover what direction you want to head in. Confident and inspired consultants who are committed to carrying on their learning and growth post-course have a real impact that goes beyond the support of families. Together, our ripples join together and create that tidal wave of change!

So, how do you get to that place? Here’s all the good stuff…..the Carried Consultancy Course is a unique course which includes:

14 online pre-training self-study modules
in-person training days (2x 2 full days)
Full colour course manual
Post-course modules and resources
months one-to-one mentoring
Private online support group

Course Content Includes:

* Carrying Safely * Benefits of Carrying * History of Baby Carrying * Cultural Appropriation * Primates and Carrying * Physiology of Baby * Physiology of Wearers * Posture and alignment * Carrying and Comfort * In-arms carrying & Positioning * Baby Handling * Caring for baby and wearer’s bodies * Stretches, Movement & Exercise * Language & Communication * Knots * Learning Styles and Theories * Defining role and boundaries * Inclusivity in the Babywearing Industry *

* Woven Wraps * Ring Slings * Stretchies * Asian-style Carriers * Soft Structured Carriers * Special circumstances * Kangaroo Mother Care * Creative solutions * Feeding in a sling * Supporting clients * Postnatal Mental Health and Babywearing * Building your consultancy and networks * Planning consultations * Planning workshops * Creating learning resources *

…..and more!

Request an info pack here – email Mel at hello@melcyrille.com

UPCOMING DATES: Sat 30th September, Sun 1st October, Sat 7th October, Sun 8th October 2017 (IPSWICH)


Why train with Carried?

This is much more than a training course. This Consultancy Course is jam-packed with fantastic content, all packaged up in a unique delivery!

It’s not just focused on slings and carriers – this is a Carrying Consultancy Course. That means we look at all your usual babywearing stuff, but also add in carrying in-arms information, explore the links between the two and work from how we can learn more about babywearing through knowledge of in-arms carrying.

We also explore different things that affect individuals in our communities, and get thinking outside the box to better enable us to support every person we work with.

The course starts before the in-person training begins, by way of online, self-study modules. This means that you get to explore the theory and come to the training days ready to go deeper with the group. As you will have covered a lot of the theory pre-training, it means we have extra time to spend on practical knowledge, which is essential for going on to teach others.

The in-person part is 4 days long, but split over 2 lots of 2 day sessions. This is because the course is very intense mentally, and physically, and having time in between means you have a chance to process, look further into what you’ve learned and avoid getting overwhelmed or exhausted! The second half of the course will be delivered 7 days after the first day of the first half,  or a bit longer, depending on the group’s booking requirements.

This course is for you if:

  • You are looking for a complete package that gives you a full and varied learning experience, as well as tailored personal support
  • You want the geekery behind slings/carriers and carries
  • You don’t want to be confined to a single focus on slings/carriers
  • You want encouragement, direction and accountability to build and grow your consultancy
  • You appreciate the importance of continued learning and growth
  • You’re heart-centred and want that to shine through in your business
  • You feel there’s so much more that you could build your consultancy into
  • You know you have so much to give, but thrive on focus, direction and a motivating community
  • You’re a trained consultant but you feel in a bit of a rut
  • You have big ideas but doubt yourself
  • You want to carve a future for your babywearing career
  • You’re not afraid to dream big!

If you’re someone who wants to make a difference, and is committed to giving the best of yourself to the families you work with, I’d love to work with you. Your dedication, empathy and love is going to take you to wonderful places! The possibilities for your babywearing career are unlimited, and training with like-minded people will inspire and motivate you even more. You will also have the benefit of a private, online group where you will be supported, challenged and encouraged to put in the work to make your consultancy a success.

Whatever your current skill level, you can be assured that you won’t be coming to the training days feeling overwhelmed like you’re sinking. Before booking on, we’ll have a chat to figure out where you’re at in your journey, what you feel are your stronger and weaker areas of knowledge and experience, and if you feel you need a bit more guidance. On the day, with small groups of 6 people maximum per course, you can be assured that you will be supported and not left behind with the practical parts. Every person also benefits from private videos which will help you with remembering and practicing after the course.

So, are you ready for an exciting new chapter in your life?

If this feels like the course for you, please book a chat with me to discuss your experience so far, and what you’re looking to get from the course.

The usual price for all of this will be £699 for bookings taken in 2017, either with payment in full (£699), or a deposit of £99*

*plus additional fee for costs incurred paying in installments

If booking with a deposit, please get in touch to arrange a payment plan that suits your individual circumstances.

Ready to take the next step? Click below to book a chat with me to clarify if this is the right course for you, and to check for upcoming dates…..


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