Hi, and thank you for stopping by! Carried is a heart-centred family business with a commitment to providing excellent educational opportunities. Read on to learn more…..

Mel and Isaac (7 months)

I’m Mel – babywearing and in-arms educator & trainer, author and public speaker. I live in Ipswich, Suffolk, with my husband Tom, and 4 children – Niamh, Logan, Xander and Isaac.

My work has been shaped beautifully by my lived experiences with my 4 children, and the hundreds of families I’ve worked with over the years – both voluntarily and professionally. I have a great love for babywearing, and this is where I “began” with Carried. I’m incredibly passionate about in-arms carrying as both a developmental process and movement, and my expertise in this area has enabled the development of my babywearing courses to a unique level.

My focus is on educating individuals, professionals, organisations and brands to a level in which they can create lasting impact with the services and products they deliver to their customers and clients.

If you’re passionate about your service or product, I’d love to hear from you to discuss working together!




We’re committed to running as a social enterprise, so frequently donate to various local, national and global projects, as well as giving through our services.

Our social mission is to provide resources, support and education for new parents, especially those at risk of or living with perinatal depression.

We understand that lack of support is recognised as one of the biggest risk factors when it comes to perinatal depression. We also believe that our culture’s expectations of parents are so far away from “normal” in England, and that this also contributes significantly to perinatal depression. With these points in mind, the services we  provide are focused on informing, empowering, supporting and nurturing.

Along with the standard services we offer, here are some of the other ways we achieve our social mission:

  • Funding slings and workshops for those at a financial disadvantage
  • Providing free educational opportunities (e.g. Babywearing 101)
  • Subsidising places on Peer Supporter courses and Consultancy courses
  • Funding training opportunities for local service providers/volunteers
  • Donating to local and national causes

We also donate financially and with our time to other local and national projects and charities that work within our social mission, for example, SBG Ipswich Sling Library, The UP Project, La Leche League – Suffolk, and Bryn’s Helping Hand.

We are also committed to paying at least the current UK Living Wage to those whose services we engage in any paid capacity, whether that be on a temporary or permanent basis.

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